Welcome message


Many people have sent me photos and memories of George during the last ten years since he died, and it has always been my intention to set up a website and try in some small way to create a suitable on-line memorial. However, whenever I have sat down to design such a site, and started to rummage through my boxes of papers, photos and videos, I have always become so daunted by the task, or so overwhelmed by the flood of memories, that I have never got started. In any case, George had such an unbelievably wide and positive influence on so many people that it seems inappropriate that his on-line memorial should be the work of one person.
George died in 1997, just as the web was gaining popularity. With his outstanding writing skills, and his uncanny ability to master new fields, George would have made an incredible contribution to the on-line world had he not died at such a young age (only 58). As it is, George’s outstanding career and influence was not documented in any web-accessible fashion, and most of the photos and memories are still in paper-only form. This site is my attempt to put this right and start something that will slowly grow into the web-presence he deserves.
If you knew George, have any memories or photos to share, please email me at joe@georgeshort.org.uk and I’ll post them up.