A message from Belsac

Edale, in the High Peak, is where the Delta Islands were concieved and brought to fruition by the genious of George. It was in the lounge of Jenny Rodwell, George’s ex wife but long term friend when debating how we might entertain ourselves. It is so long ago that I can not remember who else was there but I think there was Joe, George’s son. We were talking about war games, George invented one, and George began to bemone the short sighted economic stringencies of a multi-billion pound organisation which would not give him a budget to make training videos. Now it so happened that I was the Chair of Kinder Players, the Edale am-dram group and it was not long before George came up with the idea of using Kinder Players to make his video. “We’ll pay”, said George, “not very much ’cause the suits won’t let me have the funds but I could sqeeze a few hundred out of my budgets.

And so there we were. George arrived with Joe (the technical designer), a sort of script and a cameraman and president Belsac was launched on an unsuspecting journalistic world. Kinder players bought a brand new lighting system out of the procedes which has been put to very good effect particularly with the Edale pantomime (A Kind of Sound of Music this year (2007), February 21st to 24th. So if you want to meet the real President Belsac come to Edale in Late February. (go to www.edale-valley.co.uk for accomodation)).

President Belsac

(Sent in by Phil Oldroyd, who played the “playboy president”, Nero Belsac, in one of George’s training vidoes.)

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